7 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 7


Microsoft Windows7 is the operating system that Microsoft released to renew from older version and versions of Windows Vista. Windows 7 launched on October 28, 2009 , as an upgrade to Windows Vista, Features of Windows 7 was also similar to that similar to those of Windows Vista. It is however, Windows 7 is better than Windows Vista in terms of quality and support for hardware drivers. Some of the features available with Windows 7 are: Jump List, Taskbar which opens the program with a tiny screen, Windows Media Player 12, Internet Explorer 8, and many others. 

Finding Files Fastly to find the file isn't too difficult , but it can be time-consuming. What do I need to do is click on the start menu , and type in the search box to search for the file. When you are in the search box, you can select what you want and quickly be realized. 

Explore all windows With Simple At times when there are many windows open and we can get lost in the title or the content. Windows 7 helps you see simply by looking at the top from the toolbar. The trick is using a floating-layankan cursor that hovers over icons in open windows. The icon will be visible and the name of the program. Click on the preview to show the entire screen. Click to link the deangan window you want to see. Click here to visit SoftMany and search Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Download. 

If you want to peek at Stealth Desktop you, often must close the window one by one in order to look at the desktop. Aero Peek feature helps you to peek at the desktop without touching the window. How do you cast your cursor across a square box on the lower right corner. Click on the image above to minimize the number of windows that are open. 

Finding What Desired Through Very Easy 

The Jump List feature in Windows 7 enables you to look up songs, files pictures, and other files in the desktop with speed. This reduces wasted time you find a document which operated last night. This feature is no start menu and taskbar. In one click, you can see the web page that is commonly used by Internet Explorer 8. You can attract and remove an item from a Drop List. Whether you decide on to discover new information on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Download, you have to sneak a peek at softmany website. 

The two window comparison for Each Other Snap 

Feature to help us look back at the window with a better and easier way to look at two documents against one another. Carannya is achieved by pulling a window towards one side of the screen. If the mouse is pointing to the opposite direction the window snaps to the left. To expand vertically simply drag the border towards at the top of the screen. If you place your mouse's pointer on the edge of the screen, the window will snap back to vertical   

Simply one button to access all 

With the pin feature, you can get access to the taskbar by just one click. Simply hover your cursor over your favorite program and drag it onto the taskbar. Then right click it and select "pin" in the Taskbar. Your application will appear as a pin. To start it, just click the taskbar icon. It is possible to open the pin in conjunction with the other applications at the same time. 

Set-up Wireless With Easy 

With Windows 7 wireless set-up much simple. You can also add other devices to your network, such as network printers or Digital Media Players. How do you open the wizard "Add an Device" followed by enter the pin location on mobile devices. 

Surf the Internet with Fast safe and Easy Internet Explorer 8 allow your use of the internet faster, safer, and easier. Through web slices, you can keep track of particular information. It is easier to keep track of than auctions in eBay or the most recent updates from ESPN. With instant contact search on internet Explorer, the results can be followed in real-time. Search results also come with the SmartScreen which is a filter that shields you from viruses, spam and other threats. InPrivate privacy while helping you explore the virtual world after closing the browser. You can Windows 7 ISO File Download get it from SoftMany. 


Your Computer With Windows 7, you are not too difficult to make the personalization of your computer. It is done by right-clicking on your desktop, and then selecting customize. You can choose from various themes, or transform your desktop into a slide-show of your top photographs. Click Gadgets to add the information you need on the desktop. 

DirectX 11 Gamers, take note: 

Windows 7 includes a new version of DirectX the program that powers the pop-up 3-D images as well as sound effects deep-eyes can be included in numerous PC games of today. DirectX 11 includes many improvements. It's specifically designed to increase efficiency by taking advantage of the power of modern processors multi-core processors and providing the ability to use sophisticated shading and texturing techniques , such as tessellation. The result: smoother 3-D animation and graphics that are more vibrant and nuanced than ever before.


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